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Jennifer Strehle

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Have you ever wondered why your body reacts so intensely to certain sounds or smells? Or why sometimes, out of nowhere, you realize you are anxious or feeling on edge? Our previous life events, early attachments, and even experiences in utero reactions shape our emotional reactions, responses, beliefs, and how we see ourselves and the world.

Learning about the amazing developing brain and how life experiences shape us, has led to my passion in early childhood social development, and trauma.

You may say "why does this matter to me? I’ve had a perfect childhood and perfect parents.” This may be true. But, if you are reading this, I bet that you’ve had some experiences in your life that have negatively impacted you or how you engage your relationships. If this is the case, and you are looking to make some positive changes, I can help.

My passions and specialties include working with people who are: recovering from complex trauma, abuse and unhealthy relationships; managing stress, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, LGBTQ+, and substance use.

I love helping individuals (infants, children, teens, TAY, adults and families). My mission is to provide an environment of compassion, non-judgment, and humor. I believe that true change happens through building a genuine and trusting relationship. I strive to guide clients through the process of learning new skills to navigate life and relationships.
In our work together, I will help you to reach your goals and make choices that better fit with who you really want to be.
Collaboration is the key to my therapeutic style. My clients value the strong relationship we create together and appreciate feeling supported with compassion and kindness. My calm demeanor helps to create a healthy therapeutic relationship. Life can be challenging and reaching out for help can be scary. It’s important that you, your child, or your family feels safe when working on difficult issues.
Therapy is not a one-size fits all and can look different for everyone. I understand how important it is to have an empathic and collaborative therapist to walk with you through your journey. I am honored to be just that for my clients.

AMFT 101849

Supervisor: Jennah Childs LMFT #121401

Insurance accepted:
Health Net

Training and specialties:
Addiction( Alcohol, drug use)
Anger Management
Chronic Illnesses
Cultural Issues
Domestic Violence
Foster Children
Grief & Loss
Learning Disability
Postpartum & maternal health
Birth to 5 Years

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