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Southern California has trusted us for over a decade with their anxiety, trauma, depression, and PTSD.  Find out why people in Encino CA come to us when they want to address challenging mental health issues. 

I worked with Crystal for about a year. When we began having sessions, I was grappling with pretty severe depression and anxiety. I was also unemployed and alienated from my family. I had practically given up on life. Through a combination of EMDR and talk therapy, I found myself progressing and meeting every milestone that I set out to achieve. I was able to manage my symptoms of depression and anxiety without the use of medications. I became gainfully employed, and I was able to mend relationships with my estranged family members. Perhaps most importantly, I have gained the tenacity and coping mechanisms that I know I'll use for the rest of my life to persevere through adverse situations. I truly can't overstate how profound of a difference she has made in my life in such a short period of time. She empowered me to make the changes that were necessary for me to be happy and live my life. If you're looking for therapy, look no further. Crystal has such a wide range of expertise, you can be confident that whatever issue you are facing will be met with genuine compassion and wisdom.

-- H.P.

I was referred to Crystal through a friend as I was going through a very difficult time with severe anxiety and panic. Crystal is a therapist that takes action. I had been to a couple of "talk" therapists which was nice, but I needed more. I needed an intervention that was going to get to the root of the problem and fix it. That is where Crystal came in. I did EMDR with her and I can honestly and genuinely say it worked! I had never done it before. The sessions were so healing. Crystal is an expert and knows what she is doing and she was so patient and kind. If I could put 10 stars I would. I give her the highest recommendation.

-- J.K.

I've been seeing Crystal for about a year now, I was nervous but she brought me at ease immediately. I trust her with anything, she cares for me and is a wonderful therapist, She was exactly what I needed and she always will be. I recommend her to anybody that needs or wants help.

-- S.F.

I had the pleasure of working with Crystal for over a year, and in the time I was with her, I made great strides in my own life. I looked forward to our weekly sessions. Applying what I was learning and working through, with her guidance and encouragement, helped me to overcome obstacles that I never thought I would move past. I still use many of the techniques I learned while with her. If you’re hesitant about receiving therapy, you’re not alone; but Crystal makes it a different experience altogether. I highly recommend working with her, as she makes it a very positive, uplifting, and safe environment. Truly one of the best decisions I have ever made was working with her.

-- A.C.

Crystal Guzman helped me so much! I have been suffering from anxiety/depression and when i got recommended to her, I was nervous to really open up. She just found great ways of communication to really understand whats going on, and gave me lots of techniques to help at home and work. I highly recommend her!

-- A.G.

Crystal and I worked together as therapists at the same practice for 2 years. We have remained connected professionally since 2015, and I trust when referring prospective clients to her, that they are in excellent hands. She is dedicated, and empathic yet direct, and has pursued additional training in EMDR to further assist those impacted by trauma.

-- M.C.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Crystal for about 6 years, since working together pre-licensure. We then went on to start our own successful private therapy practices. During the time I’ve known Crystal as a colleague and friend, she’s consistently conducted herself with the outmost care, professionalism, empathy and compassion. She has great work ethic, is a hard worker and puts heart and passion into everything she does, especially as a therapist helping her clients cope with their life challenges and mental illnesses. I admire Crystal and feel very confident referring clients to her (which I do regularly) because I expect they will be well attended to.

-- D.B.

I worked with Rosita and shared the same office! I can tell that she is a professional therapist, who works for the benefit of the client, actively listens, and provides great therapeutic interventions! Moreover, Rosita is a wonderful human being!

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