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Do you have PTSD?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Being involved in an unsettling experience can leave its marks. While it is normal to experience some form of stress for days or even weeks after undergoing a traumatic experience, it usually goes away on its own and you come back to your normal way of living. But if the shock does not go away even long after the traumatic event initially occurred, then you might be dealing with PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition in which you cannot get the traumatic experience out of your head, and the stress still interferes with your normal way of living even if it has been months since that experience. Natural disasters, a horrible accident, sexual abuse or being involved in a war can lead to PTSD. There are several other events that can also cause symptoms of PTSD. Speaking to a therapist at our office can help determine and identify your symptoms.

With PTSD, one might have intrusive thoughts and unwanted repeated memories of the experience, avoiding places and people that remind you of the trauma increased difficulty in regulating emotions such as fear or sadness related to the event and feeling on edge most of the time even in a safe environment.

PTSD can be a challenging condition, but fortunately, there are many effective approaches that can help you process your trauma and overcome it.

Our offices offer different forms of treatment to alleviate symptoms of PTSD. With the help of therapy, you learn to adapt to your fears and look at them without being so emotionally reactive.

While PTSD may seem difficult, identifying it and seeking professional guidance can help you deal with your symptoms for overcoming your trauma and living a balanced life.

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